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Compendio Agricola Agrimind

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The Agricultural Compendium Agrimind was developed in order to assist agronomists and farmers to protect their crops. With more than 1800 pesticides and 900 pests recorded in its consultation base, brings a wide range of information which includes growing cereals, vegetables and fruit. This information is recorded in the memory of your smartphone, making it completely offline, without the need to connect to the Internet or mobile networks. On the Quick Access menu you can filter your searches by defensive product, active ingredient, manufacturer and culture. Indicating which pesticides are designed with a particular active ingredient or which of them are recommended for particular culture.Besides the search for defensive, you can perform the search by pests, which are divided into categories such as insects, diseases and weeds. The presence of images helps visual identification of pests in the field, comparing the offending pest characteristics of the crop with the images in your smartphone screen. The filtering culture has only pests particular culture and the indication of pesticides is already fixed in the selected culture when queried further information on the pest.Information sharing can send to others the information on a crop protection or dosage indications and application for particular pests and culture.
Important: The information in this application are taken from bulls manufacturers and based on indications from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. Before taking any decision on application of pesticides in agriculture consult an agronomist or expert on the subject for more precise details. The main purpose of this application is to assist the information query, as a compendium of references.
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